Much of ALTA’s success is due to the generous contribution of the army of over 2,000 volunteer tutors that we have trained over the years. In 2012, we had 316 volunteer tutors teaching over 2000 students via 70 classes at 54 venues throughout the country! If you’re interested in volunteering with ALTA, you can:

Become a Tutor

ALTA welcomes volunteers to train as tutors in the free ALTA classes. As an ALTA tutor you will be responsible for completing 150 hours of ALTA instruction with a group of 6-10 students over the age of 16. This requires a commitment of 2 hours’ voluntary teaching, twice a week, for at least one academic year. Find out more about becoming an ALTA Tutor here.

Become a Reading Circle Guide

Reading Circle Guides assist ALTA students with their reading, in an informal setting, once a week for two hours. This is less of a commitment than being a volunteer tutor and requires just one day of training. Find out more about becoming a Reading Circle Guide here.

Become a Friend of ALTA

If you want to help in another way, you can become a Friend of ALTA or contact us to volunteer your services in an area of your choice, from fundraising and sourcing donations, to help in the office at peak times or creating graphics for ALTA publications or ads.