Learning Tools

Unlike ALTA workbooks which are used solely in the classroom by tutors and students,
there are several options available for purchase by the public to help boost literacy skills.

The ALTA Spelling Dictionary

Cost: TT $120.00

The ALTA Spelling Dictionary is intended for readers of all ages who have to stop to think before writing certain words. Spelling, grammar and punctuation are explained in simple terms, with particular focus on areas of grammar and spelling confusion for speakers of Caribbean Creole English. Clear explanations and examples of the differences between Standard English and Creole English are given throughout.

How to use

Use like a dictionary or work through the rules and strategies step by step

For best results, read and practise daily for 10-20 minutes

Who can use

Can be used by students and teachers from upper primary to adult education

For individual use a reading age of 9 or higher (ALTA Level 2) is required

ALTA Spelling Chart

Cost: TT $20.00

The ALTA Spelling Chart is an easy reference guide to correct spelling choices. It can be used as a companion to the ALTA Spelling Dictionary or used independently.

ALTA Caribbean 6-in-1 Game Pack

Cost: TT $600.00

The “Caribbean Six-in-One Game Pack” – six exciting board games with a Caribbean flavour to practise reading and math skills in children, teens and adults.

ALTA Reader

The ALTA Reader is a series of three graded books with ALTA’s signature Caribbean content. Although written to accompany the ALTA Level 1 programme, the books provide useful reading practice for any adult or teen with major reading difficulty. Most books at this reading level are for children and often expensive, so these books help to fill the gap for low-cost books of interest to struggling teen and adult readers.