ALTA is a nonprofit working for over 30 years to bring about positive social change through improved literacy. ALTA conducts a national adult literacy programme of free community and virtual classes taught by ALTA-trained volunteers.

The ALTA programme:

  • Uses Caribbean content that enhances life skills
  • Teaches literacy skills sequentially using methods that have proved effective for dyslexic learners

Students in an ALTA classroom will find a sense of safety and belonging among other learners and their tutors.

The ALTA Programme is now available for anyone aged 9 to 99 via ALTA Online which offers web-based, interactive reading and spelling instruction. Find out more


Jeanette Williams “I am amused by friends who suggest that being an ALTA tutor is a good idea as it gives me something to do in my retirement. ALTA is not my hobby. It is a social movement to which I am committed.”

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Readers often make the mistake of thinking that reading is simple and all adults read. For some, reading presents almost insurmountable challenges which they keep secret. They dread hearing, “He must be can’t even read.” …and the laughter – or pity – that follows. They learn to hide. If you know anyone who is hiding, encourage them to come to ALTA.


Approximately 1 in 4 Trinbagonians cannot read this sentence.

The 1994 ALTA and 1995 University of the West Indies National Literacy Surveys show that 22-23% of our people (aged 15+) are unable to cope with everyday reading and writing. It is highly unlikely that a survey today would reveal any positive change, especially in the wake of Covid-19 school closures.

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