ALTA Programmes

Community Classes


Adult literacy classes are conducted in more than 50 communities across Trinidad by ALTA-trained volunteers. Find out more here.

Reading Circles


Reading Circles offer current and past students an opportunity for one-on-one or small group reading practice using material of their choice to build upon the skills taught in the ALTA class. Find out more here.

Youth Lit


The Youth Lit Programme, a partnership with the national libraries, offers the ALTA programme at 10 libraries to more than 100 students annually aged 9-15, a target group not served by ALTA free community classes. Find out more here.


The ALTA Workplace Literacy Programme improves the reading and writing skills of employees to meet the demands of the workplace, using either the standard ALTA Programme or a customized version to suit the particular situation. Find out more here.


For over two decades, ALTA worked in prisons teaching literate inmates to teach the not-so-literate ones, aiming to embed literacy within the thrust towards rehabilitation. Find out more here.

Spelling Programme


Since reading and spelling require different skills, you can be a good reader but a poor speller. If so, the ALTA Spelling Programme is for you. Find out more here.