ALTA Board of Directors 2016/2017


The Adult Literacy Tutors Association, a non-profit organization in existence since 1992, provides the only comprehensive, structured, adult literacy programme in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the last decade it has trained literacy tutors in St Vincent, Antigua and Grenada, with an adult literacy programme using the ALTA approach and materials operating in Grenada for five years until Hurricane Ivan.

As a non-governmental organisation, ALTA uses easily accessible public spaces as venues for its classes, ranging from community centres, libraries and schools to churches. Literacy instruction is available free to the public and students only pay $20TT for workbooks each term.

Vision Statement

To achieve improvement in adult literacy in Trinidad & Tobago, as well as in the Caribbean, through the development of a programme relevant to the needs of adult learners in the 21st century. 

Mission Statement

  • Provide free and effective adult literacy classes for persons 16 years and over.
  • Develop and publish local adult literacy materials.
  • Create and maintain a bank of trained and experienced professional literacy tutors.
  • Maintain resource libraries of materials and teaching aids for ALTA tutors.
  • Through sponsored programmes, support literacy efforts within NGOs, the workplace, government initiatives and specific communities.


“One day, my daughter asked me how to spell “November”. I was so embarrassed that I could not spell it. I told her to ask her mother, I looked in her eyes and saw, “My father can’t help me with my homework.” I wanted to help her but I couldn’t spell or read. What kind of man can’t help his child with homework?

Now I am able to read storybooks to my son and help my daughter with her homework. My life has changed a lot. Thank God for ALTA. Now I know what my life was missing. I will not let my son and daughter waste their education, like me. I will help them the best I can. I thank ALTA for this.”

– Level 3 ALTA student, Matthew