Sponsor a Student

In Trinidad and Tobago today if you are not literate, you are left out of life.  Literacy is the key to a good job, access to services, participation in community, school and church.

  • One out of four adults in Trinidad and Tobago is unable to perform basic, everyday reading and writing skills
  • Less than half the adult population can read and understand the newspapers and simple medicine labels.

Sponsoring an ALTA student will enable ALTA to continue offering free literacy classes to the national community, benefiting existing and potential literacy students.  The real cost of providing effective instruction for one student for one year is TT$600/ US $100.  This includes training and equipping the teacher, providing materials for the students, advertising so students know about the classes, guidance from ALTA for the class teachers, administration and record keeping.  To maintain harmony within ALTA classes sponsored students, like all ALTA students, pay a $20 contribution towards their ALTA books every term.

In addition to providing the funds to keep ALTA going, the Sponsor-a-Student project aims to foster a better understanding of literacy issues within our citizens, while affording sponsors the satisfaction of sharing the successes of learners as they progress through the levels of the ALTA programme to enter the world of reading and writing.

The sponsor will receive a progress report in October that will highlight the student’s achievements and recommendations for further advancement. Should your student be unable to continue ALTA classes, ALTA will assign another student to you.

If you would like to sponsor an ALTA student, here are the two steps:

1. Complete the Sponsor a Student Form Online

2. Make your payment.

You have two options for payment:

 – Via cheque (The Adult Literacy Tutors Association), Linx or cash at any of our offices (Belmont – POS, San Fernando, Arima)

Bank transfer (online or at any Republic Bank Limited branch). Bank Info: The Adult Literacy Tutors Association, Republic Bank Limited, Ellerslie Plaza, Acc No: 340502837401