Reading Guides

ALTA Reading Circles offer current and past students an opportunity for one-on-one or small group reading practice using material of their choice:

  • To build upon the skills taught in the ALTA class
  • To promote reading fluency
  • To instil a lifelong reading habit

The ALTA Reading Circle is once or twice a week, usually for two hours and caters to students’ individual reading needs.

Who may become a Reading Circle Guide?

  • ALTA Tutors who can commit to only one day per week
  • ALTA Assistant Tutors who are requested by ALTA to switch to the Reading Circle.
  • Applicants for the ALTA Tutor Training Course who cannot commit to two days teaching so have been invited to be a Reading Circle Guide instead.
  • Applicants applying directly as guides who prefer the flexibility and lower level of commitment that the Reading Circle offers.


Once a year, guides should attend the one-day training offered by ALTA. Guides are encouraged to start at the Reading Circle as soon as they can and attend the next available training after this. Training is usually in early October or January/February.


ALTA sources suitable books for this Programme which tutors borrow to use with students. In addition, tutors collect and bring magazines, newspapers, brochures and leaflets, forms, appropriate word games with them to the Reading Circle.

Students may bring their own reading material which they want help to read, e.g. Highway Code if they are doing their driving test regulations; letters or documents they have received or information for a course they may be doing.

The ALTA Belmont Reading Circle also offers students the opportunity to learn computer skills and use the internet with the help of the Reading Circle guides.

Reading Circle Venues