The Gift of Reading Certificate

The Gift of Reading Certificate is for the person for whom giving is better than receiving; for someone who wants to make a difference, but does not have the time to volunteer; for the person who has a social conscience.

Well-suited to birthdays, Christmas or any special occasion, it is a gift that lasts a lifetime and from one generation to the next. The gift-giver purchases a Certificate for TT $200/ US $30 on behalf of someone to sponsor an ALTA student for one term.  In lieu of buying a present the recipient of the certificate will know you have thought of them and will appreciate that, through their gift, they have helped someone. You can give certificates to friends, family or business associates.  No traffic, no busy malls, no hassle.

Here’s the process

  1. Request the Gift of Reading Certificate by contacting any ALTA office or sending an email to The email must include your name, contact information and the name of the person for whom you are purchasing the certificate.
  2. Make your payment for the certificate via the following options
    1. Bank Deposit
    2. Online Transfer
    3. Cash/Cheque at any ALTA Office
  3. Provide proof of payment (in the case of the bank deposit or online transfer)

Once this is done, the certificate can be printed for collection or can be emailed to you.