Youth Lit 2015-16

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ALTA’s Youth Lit programme is now in its eighth year! The programme which is done in partnership with NALIS aims to provide effective literacy instruction to students within primary or secondary schools who have literacy challenges which are not being addressed.
Youth Lit 2015-16 began last November with 112 students at ten libraries around the country. The number increased in 2016 with ten new students enrolling in the program. By June 2016, the large majority of students received certificates of excellence, while some will return to Youth Lit in order to continue the improvement of their literacy skills.
Certificates of Excellence which were donated by Mario’s Pizzeria entitle the recipient to a complimentary mini pizza. Students were awarded a certificate after a specific goal was achieved, for example; attendance or punctuality. For the third year, former ALTA tutor Karese Toby who teaches at St Augustine Girls’ High School, was able to get Sixth Form students to volunteer in Terms 1 and 2 at Arima and Chaguanas Youth Lit classes.
The dates for Youth Lit registration 2016 are Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th September, with classes beginning the week of October 3rd 2016.