Bringing ICT in Focus with ALTA Online

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is partnering with the Ministry of Digital Transformation to bring its online
instruction to more communities across Trinidad and Tobago.  ALTA Online is a web-based programme designed
for independent use by persons ranging from preteens to adults who have
low-level reading and spelling skills. This interactive programme built around
Caribbean life skills content was developed by local software developers and is
the first of its kind in the English-speaking Caribbean.

work to bring literacy learning to the digital space dovetails well with the
Ministry’s vision of “the use of ICT for development that contributes to the
well-being of citizens.” Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Digital
Transformation, Mr. Richard Madray states that there is “close alignment
between the ALTA Online programme, and Government’s agenda for Digital

ALTA Founder and CEO,
Paula Lucie-Smith notes “One out of every four of our
adults can’t read this article. Literacy is required for participation in life
today, and as communication moves to the digital world, the literacy divide is
now compounded by the digital divide. ALTA
Online addresses both the literacy divide and the digital divide.”

Monday 1st November 2021, thanks to the Central Division Unit of the
TTPS, over 40 community members have signed up to access ALTA Online Level 1 at
the Todd’s Road ICT Access Centre, an initiative sponsored by Unicomer Trinidad
Limited.  This opens an exciting
opportunity for increasing the literacy skills of a wider pool of students,
namely those living and working outside of major city centres, thereby
improving their ability to function in and contribute to society. 

four-way partnership involves:

  1. The Ministry of
    Digital Transformation’s ICT Centres providing the computers, internet access and
    on-site support staff
  2. Corporate funding
    to purchase ALTA Online licences
  3. The support of
    the Central Division Community Police to spread awareness within the community
    and provide support to students
  4. ALTA providing
    the software, mentor training and user support

invites businesses to partner with us in providing funding for bringing
literacy to persons at the other 5 ICT centres: 
Penal, Guayaguayare, Cumana, Marac and Carenage. At ALTA, we are
convinced that this partnership with the business community offers a strong
win-win proposition. On one hand, it enables ALTA to expand its catchment of
students thereby helping to increase basic and functional literacy in
communities across Trinidad and Tobago, while also opening a window for the
business community to contribute to a worthy cause that can promote social
cohesion and a more progressive society.

for the programme is evident in the feedback received from students and

am enjoying the lessons.  It is really
helping and inspiring me.  I am working
hard and I have my goals of where I would like to reach.  I realize that the ALTA programme would help
me get there.  There are some game
activities which is enjoyable.  There are
also short videos to watch which I like. 
I am keeping up good work”

ALTA programme has been going great for my son. 
The structure is excellent in the way that he is able to use it by
himself.  I believe that it is helping
him with the basic spelling and sounding of words.  It is also helping him with his reading.  I am seeing an improvement.  He is on Book 2, so I am looking forward to
seeing more improvement in his school work and reading:

If you or someone you know is interested in
enhancing their literacy through ALTA Online Level 1 or becoming a sponsor,
call 624-2582 or email

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