ALTA Students in Time of Covid

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The months
of restrictions due to Covid 19 have been very challenging for ALTA student
Ribelto Britto. He lost his job and had to find ways to survive, but he is
resilient. Today he shares with us how he managed during this stressful
lockdown time. He does admit however that it gave him the opportunity to
empathise with women who usually do all the chores. He also learnt to value
little things, like spending quality family time.   

Ribelto Britto

When I first heard of Covid 19, it was 3 days after Carnival
in Trinidad and Tobago. It came as a shocker to me because it was just a couple
of days after jumping up, masquerading and celebrating with hundreds of people
that were also unaware of this major pandemic that was soon to hit our country.
Being uneducated and unprepared for this pandemic, it was a struggle for me as
we entered the lockdown stage.

Knowing that I have used the majority of my savings for the
Carnival period supporting myself had become a task. It was not only myself I
had was to care for, but the wellbeing of my family as well.  Due to the lockdown, I suffered a great loss
of income and supported myself by minimizing and utilizing the last of my
savings to pay bills, etc.

I will speak about what was going through my mind when they
decided to have a lockdown.  How long
will it last? What’s the next step in life because I have already lost my job? How
I’m going to eat or pay my bills for the next few months or years to come with
this going on? It was not an easy thing to sit and think about because there
was not going to have any jobs available for a long time.

I made some choices by carrying on my fitness sessions at person’s homes in order to have an income to live and pay my bills. It was not an easy thing because most were living far and I had to travel in order to get to them, but it was a risk I was willing to take. From having a monthly income, I move to a daily income. Wasn’t much, but I had to work with it till better can be done.

Most women around me had other older children to see about
the younger ones, but it was a task for even them because of doing online
schooling and picking up after them. Some had to find a family member or a
friend to take care of their children while at work to make sure they are well
taken care of during the period. There were some who actually had to take their
kids to work with them. It was a very stressful time for most.

Myself on the other hand had to cook every day because I was home. Honestly, I now see why women always fuss when they have to cook every day because it’s a task. My mother had to work, so I had to pick up on a lot of the tasks around the house like cooking, cleaning, washing, etc.

On the other hand, I have learnt a lot from this because it
gives you a wakeup call on how caught up you were in the world that you didn’t
see the importance of the little things in life, like spending time with your
family and doing things together.

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