ALTA Students in the Time of Covid

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pandemic has infiltrated our lives and we have all had to find ways to manage. We
continue our series highlighting the work of ALTA students illustrating how
they coped during this challenging time. Today Francis shares his thoughts on
how he is coming to terms with a new way of life during Covid. Yes he
experiences fear, but he also has a deep faith that sustains him.


One year
ago, I started learning a new understanding of words I have used from time to
time, words like lockdown, in-person, quarantine, community spread and physical
distancing. These words became household words for families across the world.

When Covid
19 reached the shores of Trinidad and Tobago, we had no idea that the effects
would be as devastating as it turned out to be. Imagine living in a house with
family members for years and suddenly you are looking at the same family
members with a ‘cut-eye’ because you are not sure if they are coming home with
Covid 19 to give it to you.  It really
was a frightening time in our lives.

essential workers, my wife and I had to work through the periods of closed
borders and the lockdown.  It took some
getting accustomed to driving to work on empty streets, seeing so many
businesses closed during the weeks and months of the lockdown.  The mandatory mask wearing, the wearing of
personal protective equipment (PPE), these measures we took for ourselves and
our family to remain safe from the ravages of Covid 19.

The people
of this country social beings that they are, fell into a pit of physical
distancing which meant no more parties, liming in bars, cinemas, water parks,
etc.  The entertainment industry took a
hit which resulted in entertainers exploring new ways to reach their audiences.

My wife is
a front-line worker and she was and still is, one year later, fearful for her
life because she suffers with co-morbidities. 
Even though she is protected by her PPE she is still in fear and understandably
so, as this virus is so infectious, you really have to do all you can to stay
free of it.

our children were already out of school by the time this virus hit. This
pandemic spared none in its wake.  Even
the children had to start learning in a new format which caused some mothers to
leave their jobs. Others had to start leaving work early and others had to find
time at work to monitor their children to make sure they are in class when they
ought to be.

One thing I
must say is that my wife and I have gotten this far and we pray that God will
take us through to the end of this pandemic.

Next week
we will look at how a student was able to successfully pivot and make the best
of her time during Covid.

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