ALTA Student Stories Series Part 3

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For the past twenty five years ALTA has delivered literacy instruction to adults in Trinidad and Tobago. ALTA students come from a wide range of backgrounds and come to ALTA for many different reasons. For some, ALTA represents an opportunity to be able to read to their children or help them with their homework. For others, ALTA gives them the opportunity to further their studies or live life freely, never having to decline a job offer or a relationship due to their literacy problems. Thousands of ALTA students have graduated the program at different levels and gone on to obtain school leaving certificates, Associate degrees, Undergraduate degrees and full time employment. Many others are now benefitting from new found self-confidence and independence. Today, ALTA brings you a short story from Level 2 ALTA student, Kenrick Deane, who is currently living his best life with ALTA!

I have a small business making items for hardware stores around the country and my reading and spelling issues made the job very challenging. Things like making bills, completing forms, renewing my permit were difficult – I would always have to get someone to help me or I would have to make the bill before I deliver the items. This didn’t always work out when there were changes or additions to the bill when I got to the hardware. Spelling was my main issue, I could read a little but breaking up the words was always a challenge.

I didn’t finish secondary school. I wasn’t a bad student, once I even came fifth in test, but it took me longer to learn and my parents weren’t able to help me. At school there weren’t many opportunities for me to read and my teachers either missed or ignored my problems. After Common Entrance I went to a Junior Secondary and left in Form 3 to do a trade.

I wanted to start ALTA for a couple years well but I always put it off because of work. Last year I saw the advertisement on television and I said I’m going to register, I’m going to make the sacrifice because you don’t get lucky without some kind of sacrifice.

I really want to expand my business. Right now my products go to stores in Trinidad and Tobago but I want to export to other countries. ALTA has helped me with my bills and forms. I know eventually I will be able to make the bill on the spot. I’m still struggling with the spelling but my ALTA tutors say that I’m doing okay.

I’ve had wonderful patient tutors who are really encouraging. I’m coming along slowly but surely. One of my biggest issues is finding the time to practice at home but I make time for my business so I know I can make time for ALTA too.

ALTA is extremely proud of Kenrick and all students who go on to live their best life with ALTA.