ALTA Student Stories Series Part 2

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For the past twenty five years ALTA has delivered literacy instruction to adults in Trinidad and Tobago. ALTA students come from a wide range of backgrounds and come to ALTA for many different reasons. For some, ALTA represents an opportunity to be able to read to their children or help them with their homework. For others, ALTA gives them the opportunity to further their studies or live life freely, never having to decline a job offer or a relationship due to their literacy problems. Thousands of ALTA students have graduated the program at different levels and gone on to obtain school leaving certificates, Associate degrees, Undergraduate degrees and full time employment. Many others are now benefitting from new found self-confidence and independence. Today, ALTA brings you a short story from Level 2 ALTA student, Veronica Bailey, who is currently living her best life with ALTA!

“I joined ALTA in September 2016. I had been meaning to join the classes for a long time but I kept missing the registration date. When I heard the advertisement last year, I made up my mind that I was going. I didn’t know there was school for old people! I have to say old because I am 52 years with five grandchildren!

Before going to the class I constantly had to ask my daughter for help with writing, reading and pronouncing words. Many times I would go to church and they would ask me to read scripture – it was a lot of fumbling – I couldn’t even spell or write my address. All of these things encouraged me to go to ALTA.

Two weeks ago my husband who can’t read or write had to go to licensing to get his truck license renewed. Normally, I would have to ask one of our daughters to go with him but I was able to go. He asked me “yuh sure you could fill out the form?” Of course I could! I completed the entire form by myself. My husband is shy, I would like him to go to the ALTA classes but he doesn’t want to.

I would encourage anyone who struggles with reading, writing or spelling to go to ALTA. The teachers are really good. The students help each other in the classroom and if we aren’t able to help each other the tutors are there. They sound out the words for us and that really helps with spelling. I am able to do so much by myself now. Now I can go on Facebook…nobody is on Facebook more than I am and I can text, Whatsapp…everything!

I may not have any courses I want to do in the future but I have achieved a lot in the past year. I take care of my grandchildren and I know ALTA will ensure that I’m able to read to them. Now that I am with ALTA though I want to continue for many years…I will be returning to class in September at the Nazarene Church in Sangre Grande and I look forward to starting the Spelling Programme soon after.”

ALTA is extremely proud of Veronica and all students who go on to live their best life with ALTA.