ALTA Online: Your Questions Answered

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ALTA has asked the question: How can we deliver literacy instruction in an efficient, interactive way to members of the public who have not previously been able to participate in our community classes for one reason or another? The answer is ALTA Online.

Now we answer some of your frequently asked questions on this new offering.

What is ALTA Online?

An independent web-based literacy learning programme for ages 10+.

Who can sign up for ALTA Online?

Anyone aged 10 and over who finds reading difficult and has access to a computer or laptop.

How do I get into my ALTA Online lessons?

ALTA will WhatsApp the “How to Use Alta Online” video to show you step by step how to get to the site and how to enter your user name and password.

When can I do the ALTA Online lessons?

As it is on the internet, ALTA Online is available 24/7. You can login anytime to do some minutes or some hours of literacy learning.

Does ALTA Online have a teacher?

No. ALTA Online uses video, audio and pictures to teach followed by interactive activities and games to practise what was taught.

Do I need internet access?

Yes, internet or wifi access is required.

What is the cost of ALTA Online?

It’s $600 a book. When you do three books, you complete a literacy level.

I heard that ALTA is free, so why do I have to pay for ALTA Online?

While ALTA community classes taught by volunteer tutors are free, ALTA Online replaces the paid instruction offered at workplaces and through sponsored projects.

Now we ask you: Would you or someone you know benefit from improved literacy skills on your own schedule and at your own pace? If yes, ALTA Online is the answer.

Individual subscription packages are now available for purchase.

Contact us at 341-8668 or to get started.

If you or someone you know is interested in joining an ALTA-V class, enhancing their literacy through ALTA Online Level 1 or becoming a sponsor, call 624-2582 or email

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