The Adult Literacy Tutors Association, started by Paula Lucie-Smith, is a non-profit organization in existence since 1992. It provides the only comprehensive, structured, adult literacy programme in Trinidad and Tobago. Over the last decade it has trained literacy tutors in St Vincent, Antigua and Grenada, with an adult literacy programme using the ALTA approach and materials currently operating in Grenada.

As a non-governmental organisation, ALTA uses easily accessible public spaces as venues for its classes, ranging from community centres, libraries and schools to churches. Literacy instruction is available free to the public and students only pay $20TT for workbooks each term.


ALTA’s Board of Directors 2022




ALTA’s work contributes directly to Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality Education. It also supports Goals 1 and 10 (No Poverty and Reduced Inequalities). Read more here.



Our Story



In 2012, ALTA founder and CEO Paula Lucie-Smith received the Anthony N Sabga Award for Caribbean Excellence. Read more about the awards ALTA has received.


In 1994 the first National Literacy Survey showed 1 in 4 persons in T&T cannot read or write. Read more about the findings of this survey and ALTA’s 2012 Impact Survey.


Need to find a class in your area or find out more about ALTA’s operations, students or volunteers? Find detailed answers here in our Frequently Asked Questions.