Tutor Training Course 2017

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Every year between the months of April and May, ALTA runs a six week training course for potential tutors. The training course is known to be intense but extremely beneficial for prospective tutors, readying them almost completely for the ALTA classroom. The theoretical aspect of the training is completed in six sessions but the practical aspect is completed over one academic year in ALTA classrooms around the country. At the end of this, the trainee is certified as an ALTA tutor.  This year’s training course started on 25 April with 95 participants. Eighty-six of them successfully completed the sessions, 44 at Belmont, 24 in South and 18 in Arima. Of the nine individuals who failed to complete the training, seven were from the Arima training venue and two from south. For the first time, South Trinidad has exceeded Arima in trained tutors.

This was also the first time that training in Arima was managed by National Coordinator, Lystra Hazarie ably assisted by Regional Coordinator, Lilian Ramsaroop and Office Manager, Carolyn Walker–Hepburn. All course materials were organized by Carolyn under the guidance of ALTA’s Programme Manager, Joanne Phillip. This decentralization resulted in CEO, Paula Lucie Smith and Lystra being in attendance at two training courses as opposed to all three. Both of them were in attendance at Belmont, Lystra at Arima and Paula at South. We look forward to further decentralization when the course facilitators in South gain the necessary expertise.

Five new facilitators were added to the training team and five tutors were also selected to attend the training course as prospective class coordinators. Facilitators once again undertook more presentation of the training skills previously done by Lystra and Paula. This process promises well for Paula’s succession planning.
The large majority of the feedback received from participants was positive, see some of it below!

“I was amazed at how much I did not know despite having good CSEC English grades”
“Never a boring session, very interactive and all lessons were taught differently which kept me interested”
“I did not realise that I would learn so many new reading and writing skills and techniques”
“Extremely enlightening – [it was a lesson in] going back to the basics and turning off the ‘automatic’.”
“This was a wow experience. I am just sorry I did not do this course earlier in life”