Tutor Training Course 2016

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PicMonkey Collage‘A new look at life and learning’ is how one trainee described ALTA’s Tutor Training Course this year. The six-day intensive course which took place in Belmont, Arima, San Fernando and Grenada saw  over 100 volunteers being trained. This number was the largest we have had in the past three years. The training sessions saw both new and seasoned trainers and presenters taking on more challenging sessions usually done by ALTA founder and CEO, Paula Lucie Smith. “We are well on our way to having a training team for each location so that in the future trainers and facilitators do not need to be at all three locations during training” remarked Paula. Five new facilitators were added to the training team and twelve tutors trained as coordinators – a major increase when compared to four in 2014 and two in 2015.

For the second year running, we also trained volunteers in Grenada. Unlike last year, when we had a trainer based in Grenada working with the trainees, this year we had to rely solely on skype. Trainer and regional coordinator Judith Affoo worked with the group from Grenada for the entire training period. The five new tutors have already been assisting in the ALTA class at Mt Zion Community Library, St George’s and will take over full responsibility from September.  .

All in all, TTC 2016 was educational, exciting and intense; if you won’t take it from us, see what the participants and trainers had to say about it below:


“The ALTA tutor training course certainly exceeded our expectations. We knew it was a successful programme, but having undergone the training, we were able to appreciate its foundation in sound linguistic principles. Its approach and methods are incisive, and we are particularly impressed that it considers adult learners in their Caribbean context. “

“It was a challenge completing the programme via Skype…however, our facilitator, Judith Affoo, competently guided us and ensured that the experience was warm, inviting, informative, and worthwhile. Her dedication to assisting us is reflective of ALTA’s relentless commitment to improving literacy rates in the region.”


“It has been a valuable learning experience which I enjoyed a lot. I have learned quite a lot of things which I either did not know before or took for granted. I have gained new and valuable skills”

“The course was very detailed. Although it was intense at times the facilitators were very accommodating and knowledgeable on the subject matter which greatly aided my understanding.”


“It was very instructive, a bit challenging at times but overall rewarding and enjoyable”

“I enjoyed the positive reinforcement from facilitators, the small group activities and the level of interaction”


“This course was interesting, enjoyable and educational for me. I have learned a lot of new things with regard to teaching adults”

“It was extremely intense understandably so but enjoyable and edifying”

Dominic Ambrose (First time facilitator)

“I have always found the tutor training environment to be illuminating, inspiring and in this case, refreshing. The material to be delivered and the guidance required of a facilitator appeared to be par for the course. The major challenge was the day to day and even minute by minute “in-stream” adjustments to the schedule. That required a major tweaking of my modus operandi. Fortunately I partnered with an experienced facilitator, who was very accommodating.”

Lennox Austin (Trainee Coordinator)

 “ALTA TTC 2016 acted as a refresher for me only that it lasted six days rather than the customary one day of training. This created a heightened sense of awareness of all things ALTA from its philosophy and methodology to the finer details in content delivery. I even had to learn to be prepared to step up to the plate as on Day 3, one of the facilitators in my grouping was absent.  I had to contribute in the assessment of some of the tutors on that day and my opinion was sought on the other days as well. All in all my experience was priceless as no amount of money can buy you the feeling I had of contributing to moulding the future tutors to carry on the work according to the gospel of ALTA.


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