T&T NGO Professionals Seminar 2018: “Strengthening Capacity Through Collaboration”

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This year’s seminar was a one-day event at Arthur Lok Jack Global School of Business, attended by ALTA’s Resource Development Officer, M’aisha Thomas and Mid-East Regional Coordinator, Lilian Ramsaroop.

There were two deep dive workshops aimed at increasing attendees’ knowledge of the theme; “Where Collaboration meets Communication” and “Alliance Building through Strategic Networking.” They were attended by Lilian and M’aisha, respectively.

 The Collaboration/Communication workshop, facilitated by Mirza Ali-Mohammed, focused on exploring collaboration case studies and included hands-on team building exercises that delivered the collaboration message in fun, abstract ways.

The Alliance Building workshop, facilitated by Loverne Henry, looked at practical steps to be taken by players in the local NGO environment looking to capitalize on funding/other opportunities.

Increasingly, these opportunities require NGOs to come together to execute joint projects. It was noted that not all NGOs are at the same stage in their development; however, this may not preclude collaboration. Elements like transparency and governance were highlighted as areas to gather data on when assessing whether a partner is a good fit.