This is my Story- ALTA’s 2016 campaign

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Snapshots of our 2016 anti-stigma and student recruitment campaign

Armed with the knowledge that stigma, fear and shame have stopped thousands of non readers around the country from coming to ALTA’s free community classes, we decided to execute a campaign aimed at reducing stigma associated with non readers in Trinidad and Tobago. The campaign entitled ‘My Story’ also doubled as a means of spreading awareness of our recently concluded Student Registration. The campaign was a success as we were able to spread awareness, tackle stigma and register hundreds of new students.

With help from Pepper Advertising and sponsorship from the Citizen Security Programme (CSP), our anti-stigma team planned and executed an integrated marketing communications campaign. Pepper’s expertise is transforming our ideas into media tools, the first of which was a radio ad campaign entitled ‘My Story’ which told stories highlighting the feelings of freedom, usefulness, pride, connectivity and achievement our students feel. In an effort to increase public empathy and understanding, it also examined why people may not have acquired reading and writing skills when they were younger. These ads were broadcast on local radio stations.

We also produced a television commercial with a twist which reached a wide audience when broadcast on TV6 and at Movie Towne and shared on our social media pages. We got many positive comments on our short videos of current and past students telling their stories and encouraging non-readers to come to ALTA.

We are extremely grateful to the many media houses which assisted us with spreading our campaign across the nation, as well as our ALTA Ambassadors who enthusiastically agreed to represent us at outreach events as well as on radio and television interviews.

Heartfelt thanks to:

Advantage Advertising

Bernadette Nathaniel

CL Communications

Garryn Ferdinand

Graphikos TT


Jeanette Williams

Kim Belmonte

Lennox Austin

M’aisha Thomas

Marios Pizzeria Ltd

Merle Carrington

Movie Towne Cinema


Pepper Advertising

Shiva Boys’ Hindu College

Trinity TV


WACK Radio 90.1

Warrenville Regional Complex