The Adult Literacy Initiative of Grenada begins classes

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When Hurricane Ivan ravaged Grenada in 2004 it also dismantled ALTA’s programme there which began in 1999. In 2014, ALTA revisited the foundations which had been laid and trained tutors with the intention of restarting the programme in Grenada. Despite low student numbers and funding and venue challenges, classes began.

This year for the second time we were able to train tutors in Grenada via Skype linking up to our Belmont tutor training course. The five newly trained tutors were able to plan and execute student registration in Grenada and began classes for a second year in September. The tutors have launched an organisation called The Adult Literacy Initiative of Grenada (ALIG) which is supported by ALTA. Jill Patterson of ALIG shared some feedback on classes thus far:

ALIG is conducting both Level 1 and 2 classes this term, and we are already off to a great start. Our returning students were eager to resume classes, and have ecstatically shared their reading experiences over the break. They are excited about the new term and seem to have retained the skills learned in Level 1. Our new students were very open about sharing their challenges with reading and have indicated their various reasons for starting literacy classes. Although it has been a bold step for them, they have displayed sheer commitment and desire to completing tasks ahead. We have already established a strong rapport with the new students, and the entire class is building community spirit, as we conduct both classes in the same room. We look forward to what’s ahead and are grateful to be serving the Grenadian community in this way. Thanks to ALTA, we can make this a reality!

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