Strategic Planning at ALTA

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On Saturday April 1, 2017 ALTA’s staff, some of our Board members and Regional Coordinators who manage ALTA’s programmes and classes around the country, were treated to a Strategic Planning Workshop.

The workshop was facilitated pro bono by Marshall Ogle, Ravi Rampersad and Salaina Jagroop of Deloitte and Touche – one of Trinidad’s largest professional services firms. The firm’s focus is to help clients navigate their business challenges and achieve success. ALTA was taken through an extensive and thorough workshop which looked at how ALTA intends to compete with the resources available in the existing and perceived future environment.

ALTA prides itself on good governance and strong foresight and took the decision to implement a strategic plan which would provide a framework and clear direction for decision-making, establish a vision which is shared among all members of the Association and which we hope will result in an increased level of commitment to ALTA, as well as better services for those who matter most – our students.

Both ALTA’s Vision and Mission Statements were examined and modified by members to ensure that they were in line with what ALTA wants to become. Additionally, both an external analysis on ALTA’s performance from a key stakeholder perspective and a comparison of performances of other entities like ALTA around the world were carried out. ALTA’s CEO, Paula Lucie Smith also presented an internal SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis on behalf of the Association.

Afterward, we were challenged to come up with strategic objectives which would take us beyond our current resources and capabilities. This was a bit daunting as we do quite a lot at ALTA and attempting to decide on four objectives which would guide the work of the organization for the next couple years took a lot of brainstorming and debating. Nevertheless we were able to complete this, which led us to our strategies that will be implemented in order to achieve these objectives.

The session was quite enjoyable, well facilitated and undoubtedly important to the continued success of ALTA. We are extremely grateful to Deloitte and Touche for conducting a workshop which has led to a solid strategic plan for the Adult Literacy Tutors Association.