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The ALTA-V classroom allows our students to sign up and continue learning from the comfort of their own home. ALTA tutors and students have just concluded the first term and we have just started the second term of ALTA-V for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Level 1 ALTA student Deborah Wilson shared her ALTA-V experience with our tutors and our wider audience during a tutor talk episode last October.

During our web interview, Deborah stated that she joined ALTA knowing that she had a reading disorder stemming from a head trauma. During her early school days, she always found it challenging to perform to the level of her peers.

Over the years as her children were acquiring literacy skills at school, she’d try to learn a few things from them. There was even some reading intervention from a helpful teacher prior to finding out about ALTA.

Deborah has always had a desire to achieve more, so when one of her fellow church members reached out to her to tell her about ALTA classes, she was ecstatic. In her own words she “jumped for joy!”

Deborah started out quite nervous about classes, as many adult literacy students tend to be. That’s when her tutor stepped in to reassure her that everyone was there to “learn and grow” and there was nothing to be scared or nervous about. It was at that point that Debra said she became very eager to learn as much as possible.

Deborah praised her ALTA tutors – in her experience, they are “simply amazing!” She found them to be filled with knowledge, patience, understanding and motivation. They continue to help her to acquire the level of competence with reading and writing that she has always wanted.

Deborah enthusiastically assures other potential students who have ever wondered about the ALTA environment and interacting with tutors: “They give you the energy to continue to learn more.”

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To sign up for ALTA-V in your home, on your computer or smartphone call 341-8668.

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