Republic Bank gives back through Day of Caring

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Since 2013, United Way Trinidad and Tobago’s (UWTT) National Day of Caring initiative has challenged companies around the country to create a spirit of volunteerism among their employees. The objective is to encourage companies to give back to and impact change in communities around the country. All companies in T&T are invited to participate and projects implemented have ranged from the cleaning and repair of schools to environmental clean-ups.

This year, ALTA benefitted from adoption by Republic Bank Limited for the day. ALTA runs a free National Adult Literacy Programme, teaching 1,500 students at more than 49 classes at 44 venues annually. The NGO liaises with 267 active volunteer tutors; meets with 40 coordinators; holds weekly classes in its on-site training room plus 2 large annual meetings and other small meetings year-round. With continued expansion, it is essential that ALTA keeps the three office buildings in Belmont, Arima and San Fernando in good repair. It is also important to increase storage areas, and provide adequate furniture for human resource capacity in order to be effective in catering to students and volunteer tutors throughout Trinidad.

As ALTA’s work in the communities is free of charge, there is no income generation and so the aforementioned needs are often postponed. Fortunately this year Republic Bank came to the rescue! Employees from the bank sourced sponsored paint from Berger Paints and completed the interior painting of ALTA’s Belmont training room – which also acts as a classroom and meeting room- as well as the San Fernando office space. They also removed the old carpeting at the South office and installed new carpets and blinds.

In the coming weeks Republic Bank will donate an All-in-One Desktop computer to ALTA’s Belmont office as well as a storage cabinet and office chair to the San Fernando office. The Arima office will also be furnished with a metal shelving unit, one office chair and an air-conditioning unit.

ALTA’s Resource Development Officer, M’aisha Thomas said “the 2017 Day of Caring was very successful. Republic Bank went over and beyond, bending over backward to ensure everything was ready for the day. We were also extremely grateful that they were willing to have the day of caring last longer than one day, as there were some elements which – by no fault of theirs – could not be completed on the day. As always, ALTA is truly grateful to RBL for continuously supporting literacy and ensuring that ALTA can continue to operate efficiently and effectively.”

Thank you United Way Trinidad and Tobago for encouraging a true spirit of volunteerism among companies in T&T and Republic Bank for brightening up ALTA’s office spaces and helping ALTA continue to empower adults through literacy.