The ALTA Spelling Dictionary

The ALTA Spelling Dictionary is intended for readers of all ages who have to stop to think before writing certain words.

Spelling, grammar and punctuation are explained in simple terms, with particular focus on areas of grammar and spelling confusion for speakers of Caribbean Creole English. Clear explanations and examples of the differences between Standard English and Creole English are given throughout.

You may use the book in two ways:

    • like a dictionary, to look up and target specific problem areas
  • to work step by step through the rules and strategies to master the mechanics of everyday written English

All learning requires practice, so to improve you need to do more than just read this book. You need to practise your chosen strategies by writing or typing to learn, and then using them in your writing. The ‘little and often’ approach works best, so aim for daily reading and practice for 10-20 minutes.

While the book is a companion to the ALTA Adult Workbook series, it may be used by students and teachers at all levels from upper primary to adult education. For independent use, a reading age of nine and higher (ALTA Level 2) is required, though the specific sections labelled ADVANCED may require a reading age above 10.

All proceeds from the sale of the ALTA Spelling Dictionary go to support free adult literacy classes in Trinidad.   

To get your copy of ALTA’s 3rd Edition Spelling Dictionary 2018, you can check leading bookstores or ALTA’s office location at Belmont, Arima and San Fernando. For more info, you can contact us at 868-624-2582.