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This first article of 2021 is a landmark for ALTA as it is the 400th article in our regular Thursday column! It is thus fitting that we feature our tutor voices and our new ALTA-V option for adult literacy learners.

Our ALTA-V classroom enables students to sign up and learn from the comfort of home. During the month of January, ALTA-V is welcoming new students and we invite you to tell others of this opportunity, especially if you know any adults (16 and over) who may need to improve their reading, writing and spelling skills.

Some may be hesitant to try a virtual class, and these fears may be allayed by sharing some of the ALTA-V feedback from our tutors. ALTA tutors and students have concluded the first ALTA-V term and we are happy to say that tutors and students worked together to resolve any issues and reported a positive experience.

Monica Richards
I find the online tutoring really worked out very well. The students were attentive and co-operative. This form of distance learning is effective.

Earl Providence
As a first-time ALTA teacher, the experience was great. We encountered the challenges that were expected with persons being unable to comfortably use the Zoom system along with sometimes poor internet and a lot of background noise. Gradually however, there was some improvement, and I look forward to the new term.

Sherma Riley-Springer
The ALTA-V experience was new but a fulfilling one despite the challenges of internet connectivity and students encountering problems to log back in. By the end, most of them became quite technologically comfortable in the environment.

It was clear at the end of the term that those who stayed the course were showing improvement, and were more confident in themselves and their application of what was taught.

At first in some instances, family members wanted to do the work for students and give the answers to them when doing the exercises, with some even quarrelling with them if they got it wrong. With guidance, we sorted it out and the students were able to become relaxed in the environment.

Tutors worked together to counteract connectivity inconsistencies by picking up and inputting as needed when any tutor’s connection became unstable. As a tutor one had to be creative and very patient – as always in teaching and helping students.

Although it was my first time doing the virtual style of teaching, I absolutely loved it and found the convenience of operating from home made it more manageable. The students who stayed the course have mentioned their excitement to return in the new term.

Pauline Dowlath
The virtual ALTA experience was a good one although lessons took more prep time in order to improve learning via visuals. Students were involved and generally understood what was taught. Some returning students’ really improved attendance in the virtual class, though there were others who continued to be unable to attend regularly. New students showed keen interest and attendance!

To our students, volunteer tutors, Regional Coordinators – welcome back to ALTA-V!

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