I am ALTA: Behind the Brand

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This year has certainly
made its mark on history and as we get ready to close the curtains on 2020, we
would like to take this time to introduce the men and women who work tirelessly
behind the scenes at team ALTA. We’ve made some big strides this year, introduced
some new programmes, and had a very successful student registration campaign,
so we saw it fitting to introduce you to the team!  

Kim Herbert – Communications Officer

As Communications Officer, I have the pleasure of developing
digital and traditional marketing communications strategies at ALTA which are
focused on anti-stigma and public awareness. I get to design, produce and
most importantly share written and audio-visual content for this 28-year-old
brand. Wow! How cool is that?

Although I have been with ALTA for less than a year, I feel
so much at home. It may sound a bit cliché, but ALTA is like a family. I
have been welcomed by an amazing team of men and women who have made my job of
communicating during a pandemic feel like a walk in the park. I get to
experience first-hand the level of dedication and commitment that goes into
ensuring that our students are able to continue working towards their literacy

Reading has always been a part of my life. As a child, I
was always fascinated with books and the library was like a second home for me
‒ mainly because my mother was not able to purchase the books, so I
borrowed. As a parent, I get to share this fascination with my daughters
and as a member of team ALTA, I get to share some amazing literacy stories.

M’aisha Thomas – Resource Development Manager

My interest in literacy stems from early memories of my
personal struggle to master the skill. I can recall the frustration I felt when
I couldn’t grasp the fundamentals at first. Somehow I knew at age 6 just how
important reading would be.

I was fortunate – books were celebrated in our household. I
was read to by my parents and older sister and saw them immersed in books all
the time, so it was never seen as a chore. We were told that we could discover
anything we wanted to know if we just looked it up. I grew up before home
internet was commonplace, so “Have you checked the encyclopedia?” was the

Once I unlocked the secret world of words, things took off
for me but I never forgot how daunting it was at first. I took every
opportunity to incorporate literacy research into my own education; I even
delved into the topic as an O’Level Social Studies student. That sparked
interest in pursuing Literature and Linguistics as an Undergrad. 

With my own background, and as ALTA’s Resource Development
Manager with six years of experience in the classroom as a volunteer tutor and
two as a Class Coordinator, I have a unique vantage point. I can empathize with
our students, and I have a grasp of what it takes to help them attain their

My role also allows me to act as a liaison between ALTA and
our sponsors. This gives me the opportunity to explore what makes ALTA impactful.
Quite simply, it is our people and their commitment to lifelong learning and

I am ALTA because I want to contribute to passing on the joy
of reading. I get to work toward that goal every day.

Join us next week for more features!

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