Have yourself an ALTA Christmas!

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As we come to the end of our “Behind the Brand” series, ALTA takes this opportunity to thank all of our readers for engaging with us. Bringing the issue of adult literacy to the fore to ensure that our students receive the quality instruction they seek remains ALTA’s core business. Our 2020 accomplishments on this front would not have been possible without our supporters, in time or treasure, and the invaluable contributions of the men and women who work tirelessly behind the scenes. 

We also publicly acknowledge and thank our volunteer tutors, regional coordinators, sponsors, ALTA messengers and everyone who took the time to share our content with family and friends both near and far. 

To your family from
ours – Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!

Joanne Philip – Programme Manager

In my role as
Programme Manager, I have the pleasure of working closely with an outstanding
group of volunteers. You, our tutors, coordinators, regional coordinators and
reading circle guides who continue to help our students to achieve their
literacy goals.

During this
unprecedented time, you readily adapted to new methods and applications in a
seamless transition from in-person to virtual classes. Many of you started out
as novices and emerged as experts surpassing your own expectations.

separated by thousands of miles or recovering from the effects of Covid 19 ‒ these hurdles were not a
deterrent to your service. I appreciate your commitment, I applaud your passion
and I admire your resilience. 

To all volunteers, past and present, ALTA continues to ‘Stand Tall’ because of your selfless service!

Have a Wonderful
Christmas. Stay Safe.  Our mission
continues in 2021.

Nicole Pichery – Office Manager, San Fernando

I found out about ALTA in 2016 and was trained and became a tutor in 2017. I have taught Beginners for three years. I enjoyed being a tutor, but truly understanding what ALTA did only became clear when I joined the ALTA team as the Office Manager at our South location in 2018. Two realities about the organization quickly stood out to me – service and commitment.

It became clear that
the tutors that walked through the doors of the office were there to serve, to
give to their students selflessly. This made a great impact upon me, and I knew
that it was my responsibility to ensure that they received the best service
when they came to the office.

In serving our tutors, I came to understand that the heart of ALTA is its tutors and the heart of our tutors are our students. Working for an NGO where everything that we do is focused on helping others achieve goals to make their lives better is a blessing. I was deeply moved by our tutors’ willingness to embrace the challenges that the pandemic brought to our doors. Without missing a step our tutors continued to work to meet our students’ needs to ensure they continue their learning online.

This will stay with me for as long as I live, as a true example of selfless giving, commitment and service. I encourage anyone with a passion to serve and to give back to others to join us. “May the light of Christ burn brightly in your life as it does in mine this Christmas season, and may you always experience his infinite love and everlasting peace.” Merry Christmas!

Lilian Ramsaroop – Mid-East Regional

“Service to man is service to God”, a quote from Swami Vivekananda. ALTA tutors serve by guiding their students on their path to literacy as a result empowering them to face the world with confidence.

Our students come to us with only hope. Their perseverance and commitment together with our tutors’ dedication and knowledge of ALTA’s methods and approaches turn that hope into reality – the reality of being able to read and write.

Let us all have hope
for a better world and future after the eradication of Covid-19. I wish
everyone a Merry Christmas and a heart full of hope.

“Stand Tall… We are

If you or someone you know is
interested in becoming a tutor, joining a class, or becoming a sponsor, call
624-2582 or email

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