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One of the greatest challenges ALTA faces is getting our information to those who need to improve their reading and writing. Our world relies heavily on written communication which will not reach most of those who need our services.

Increased advertising costs coupled with the negative economic impact of a pandemic mean that ALTA must find innovative ways to connect to those who need our services and those willing to stand tall with us and amplify our voices. Enter the ALTA Messenger!

While we continue to advertise on radio and television, the most effective engagement has always been word-of-mouth. People are more likely to receive and act on a message received from someone they know and trust. Could that someone be you?

What is an ALTA Messenger?

An ALTA Messenger’s role is to promote our mission of empowering adults through literacy by being a channel for ALTA messaging to:

  • Break down the stigma attached to low literacy by sharing the facts about literacy and highlighting stories of real ALTA students
  • Inform potential students about ALTA and how they can join our free adult literacy classes
  • Reach out to prospective volunteer tutors with tutor testimonials and information on tutor training

Being an ALTA Messenger is simple. All you need to do is like, comment and share our content every time it appears on your feed. Also, every two or three months, ALTA may send a message with an image or video for you to share through your networks – church, friends and co-workers. You can send the information via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram.

You can become an ALTA Messenger by sending your name to 741-9454 via WhatsApp with the sentence “I want to be an ALTA Messenger!” Not a WhatsApp user? No problem – send us an email:

Why ALTA Needs You?

For over 28 years, ALTA has provided free adult literacy classes across Trinidad. As the pandemic surfaced, ALTA was able to expand its reach to students who may have been unable to attend or were apprehensive about attending our physical classes, as we implemented ALTA-V via Zoom. Virtual classes have provided the opportunity to reach Tobago students too. Once a student is equipped with a web-enabled smartphone or computer, they can access improved literacy through ALTA.

Additionally, after more than 6 years of focused development work, ALTA Online is in the hands of users. Together with the National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago participants are currently benefitting from a pilot of this web-based programme.

Despite all this work, there are many people in T&T who have never heard about ALTA. Our programmes can only have an impact if they are widely known. That’s where we are hoping that you, Dear Reader, will step in.

An ALTA Messenger is passionate about raising awareness of literacy as a skill. They are committed to breaking down the stigma attached to low literacy by sharing the facts about literacy and highlighting stories of real ALTA students.

Even if you don’t sign up to be an ALTA Messenger, you can help by liking our page and sharing our posts every time they appear in your feed. Together, we can reduce the stigma attached to low literacy!

If you or someone you know is interested in becoming a tutor, joining a class, or becoming a sponsor, call 624-2582 or email

Keep up to date with ALTA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram: ALTA TT