Closing the curtains on our CSP project

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The Citizen Security Programme (CSP) is an IDB funded initiative run under the auspices of the Ministry of National Security which aims to significantly impact the instance of violent crime in known “hot spots” across Trinidad and Tobago by contracting the expertise of NGOs to deliver impactful programmes targeted to at-risk communities. As ALTA’s engagement with CSP comes to an end, we look back at the process:

  • In 2011, ALTA was invited to submit to, and successfully completed, a process of in-depth analysis of its programmes and processes to determine the feasibility of becoming part of the Citizen Security Programme’s second intake of NGO partners.
  • In June of the following year, after a rigorous proposal writing and project vetting process, ALTA was contracted to build capacity in CSP communities by first training volunteers from within 9 communities via an extended apprenticeship process and second, by supporting the implementation of classes and registration of students ALTA in these communities. This met with moderate success, as only 5 of the 23 CSP trainees went on to fulfill their volunteer contracts and only the Lendore Hindu school class in Enterprise Chaguanas got off the ground and has been successfully maintained.
  • ALTA also underwent an interim phase of community mobilisation/student registration for CSP community residents after Phase I.
  • In March 2015, armed with all of the lessons learnt from Phase I, ALTA embarked upon Phase II of its engagement with CSP, which took the form of continued support of the Lendore class and active CSP-resident tutors and students, but focussed primarily on reducing the stigma that acts to prevent persons getting into literacy class. This was identified as the major barrier to start-up of the proposed classes in the CSP communities and CSP support has enabled ALTA to produce two different Anti-Stigma Campaigns.
  • Being a part of the CSP fold also involves membership in the Civil Society Working Group, which meets to discuss triumphs and challenges and to network and brainstorm on projects. Working Group membership has also afforded ALTA opportunities to increase capacity through training, notably in the areas of monitoring and evaluation and communications. CSP contracted NGOs were also furnished with multi-media equipment including a speaker-system and projector, as well as a laptop, a printer/copier/fax machine and a digital camera, all to assist us in the projects developed under CSP and for those going forward.