Class Sponsorship

Companies or social clubs can sponsor an ALTA-V  free Adult Literacy Class for one academic year (e.g. September 2021 – July 2022). Choosing to sponsor an ALTA-V class will enable ALTA to provide literacy instruction to persons aged 16 and over, and help to support lifelong learning.

Sponsorship of classes involves:

  • Training volunteer tutors and guiding them in the ALTA classroom to effectively deliver the ALTA Programme at four levels: Beginner, Level 1, 2 and 3.
  • Supplying subsidized ALTA books for students and tutors.
  • Arranging venues for the classes.
  • Providing all classroom needs from attendance registers and student evaluation forms to stationery.
  • Monitoring the tutors, students and venue throughout the academic year. An experienced ALTA tutor is contracted as coordinator for each class and visits at least three times per term.

ALTA has calculated class sponsorship per academic year based on tutor cost (TT$5,000 per tutor) using the above criteria. ALTA seeks to maintain a student/tutor ratio of approximately 8:1 in order to ensure that students are able to receive the attention they require. Sponsors have the option to fund a single ALTA Level within a class.

Contact us if your organisation is interested in sponsoring a class. 

I am the first of thirteen children. My mother was a hard worker. I had to stay and see about my brothers and sisters. I went to school when my mother had a day off and that was not regular.   So my education had to be put on hold. I could not read properly and my spelling was so bad, don’t even talk about my writing. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself but that is life. One day I will get there. When I saw ALTA advertised on TV, I said to myself I am going but it took me some years. I am here. I am proud of myself because I could write a prayer request now and feel good. Thank God for ALTA. May God bless all the teachers and I thank you.

– Level 3 Student, Marilyn