ALTA-V resumes this week!

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ALTA-V welcomes current students, new students and past students to term 2. Having successfully completed an entire term of virtual teaching using ALTA-V, this week we feature our tutor voices writing about our new ALTA-V option for adult literacy learners.

Elaine Balliram
I’m a first-time tutor and found that the students were very responsive and engaged in all the sessions. I felt the students understood the lessons taught and were not shy in asking for further explanation. I truly enjoyed the experience.

June Marcano
I believe that the students felt more comfortable in their home environment without the hassle of getting to the physical classroom (despite the distractions and challenges) and were able to give of their best given the circumstances. I too embraced the convenience.

I was able to see great improvement with my students in reading individually and in applying the particular skills taught.

When it came to challenges, we took on whatever came on the day and worked around it. Overall I was pleased with the efforts.

Chela Bhimull
ALTA-V was an overall good experience. Students were coached as to how to use Zoom in term 3 of the last academic year and new students were also on-boarded. Returning students seemed happy to be back at ALTA – though the environment was new and different.

ALTA-V offered convenience to both students and tutors. Two students were able to work around their work schedules to attend class. Our Tobago student comes off a shift and attends class an hour late, but he is there trying his best.

The class has a good camaraderie. Sometimes the home environment was helpful. One new student who was unsettled in the classroom, with the help of his mother, calmed down and now pays attention to do his work.

There were a few challenges. We immediately address background noise. Though noise still filters through, it is manageable. Faulty internet during rain and connectivity interruptions do pose a problem, but because tutors work in a team this does not interfere with lesson delivery. I am grateful to have two other tutors who ably and smoothly jump in when my connection falters.

Virtual teaching has its pros and cons. It requires patience, creativity and dedication. It’s a labour of love. I personally prefer virtual to physical because of its convenience and time management.

Sharon Diptee
While I like the idea of being able to work from home, I much prefer face-to-face teaching because I feel that I’ll get more out of the students and be better able to evaluate them.

That said, the students are attentive and we have very interactive sessions. There were severe challenges with poor internet access and audio. There were times when we were unable to hear the students. As a first attempt at the virtual teaching/learning, I think the experience was wonderful, despite the challenges. And I learned to use Zoom! Congratulations to Alta for a job well done.

To our students, volunteer tutors, Regional Coordinators – thanks for making ALTA-V term 1 a success. Feedback from our Regional Coordinator Meeting last week confirms that ALTA-V classes have overcome any initial problems, have protocols in place and are managing the teaching environment well with smooth transitions from screen sharing and using breakout rooms to meet individual needs. ALTA-V is all set for term 2 and inviting new and past adult learners back to improve their literacy.

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