ALTA Updates March 2016

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ALTAOnline!ALTA  Online

ALTA Online is benefiting from the infusion of new energy, with work beginning on Version 2 of the application under new developer Dacion. Armed with many lessons learnt from experience with the first version, which continues to be to used to shape the new programme, the new application offers ALTA an easy interface to upload and build lessons. Unlike Version 1, this application can be used on smartphones as well as PCs, laptops and tablets. Dacion is effectively building greater ALTA control of the final product into the design – making the programme more flexible and cost-effective – features that were previously unavailable.

As has always been the case in the ALTA family, resources are being pooled from within our ranks to get the job done. In our modified timeline, content development team is working towards completing the process, from design to upload, for testing with students by August, 2016 with launch at the start of January 2017. Further volunteer assistance is needed in these areas, so do contact Karelle at Belmont if you can assist with any of the following:

  • Audio: To voice instructions and reading passages. We have bought a small recording device to do this in-house.
  • Graphics: To create or adapt images for the ALTA Online activities.
  • Video: To produce the introductions to prepare the user to read the passage in the lesson will all be videos.

Some funds are available if necessary for the graphics and video elements. Demand for this virtual classroom, set to work alongside our traditional classes, continues to grow. This drives the team to push forward through the changes to create a stronger programme that can handle the needs of our users.We must thank our sponsor, Republic Bank Limited’s Power to Make a Difference initiative, for continuing to believe in our vision to expand our reach to improve reading skills locally, regionally and across the diaspora.



Some of our anti-stigma campaign team: Back—Karelle, Molly Stollmeyer, Paige, Sharon Cumberbatch, Vivianna Kelly Front: M’aisha, Paula, Past Chair Hetty Sarjeant and Maureen Baldeo.


Anti-Stigma Campaign 2016

With help from Pepper Advertising and sponsorship from the Citizen Security Programme (CSP), our anti-stigma team has been putting together a campaign with the aim of targeting prospective students as well as the general public. Having tackled the issue of shame over the last year, we sought help from outside ALTA to chart the way forward. Our sincere thanks go to the following for responding to our call and sharing their ideas: Deborah Maillard, Jessie May Ventour, Judith Young, Vivianna Kelly, Hetty Sarjeant,  Maureen Baldeo, Molly Stollmeyer, Sharon Cumberbatch, Raeanne  Pierre-Watts and Kenneth Jaikaransingh.

Pepper’s expertise is transforming these ideas into media tools, the first of which is a radio ad campaign entitled ‘My Story’ which will tell stories highlighting the feelings of freedom, usefulness, pride, connectivity and achievement our students feel. It will also look at why people may not acquire reading and writing skills when they were younger, in an effort to increase public empathy and understanding.



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