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Now that ALTA Online is just a click away, improved reading and spelling has never been more accessible to those who need it! Much can be said of the benefits of ALTA Online to our students, but don’t take our word for it. Our look at ALTA Online continues this week with feedback from those who matter most: our students and partners.

Today we explore the connections ALTA has made to widen access to literacy instruction via the new web-based learning platform.

Community Support
ALTA’s partnership with the Community Police at the Chrissie Trace Recreational Facility in Enterprise Chaguanas has been an all-round positive experience that we hope to replicate across the country. The community implementation model links the police, sponsors like Unicomer Trinidad Ltd who outfitted the facility for ALTA Online, and students in the area.

The officers’ enthusiasm has been infectious and is keeping students motivated to reach their literacy goals. The officers of the Central Division, Community Relations Unit are encouraged by the response.

“The ALTA Online programme has been a blessing to my community. I have seen people with reading challenges now able to fill out forms. Their reading level has improved and people’s lives have changed for the better in such a short space of time. They are no longer ashamed of not being able to read things like road signs. I have seen an improvement in some persons’ vocabulary and how they speak to other persons. I would recommend these initiatives and programmes in any community in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Broad Appeal
Teen students at Diego Martin Secondary School also took advantage of an early peek at the ALTA Online platform as part of the NGC-sponsored pilot initiative. Student participation was facilitated in no small part by teachers and administrators. One such teacher, Shawn Deacon, shares his experience with ALTA Online.

“For the past few months, we have had a few students enrolled in the ALTA Online programme. We can see that there is more excitement among these students for literacy. There is a greater desire for reading, knowledge and understanding. Because the programme is online, parents can monitor in the comfort of their own homes. They say that they like the progress that has been made over the past few months. I really believe that the programme is successful. I am sure if we get the opportunity to filter more students into the programme, we can raise the literacy level at our school.”

ALTA Online allows adult students to more easily find the time to commit to improving their literacy since they are able to tap into this learning resource as their busy schedules permit. Because of this flexibility, ALTA has the potential to bring many more young adults on board.

Student Sandra Garcia explains, “The classes have been good. I am improving in my work. I like the structure of the ALTA Online lessons. I have reached Book 2 already after starting last month.”

ALTA Online’s appeal spans all ages. One of our primary school students, Janessa Williams, was enthusiastic about her experience. “I have been doing the ALTA Online programme for the past couple of months. I enjoyed the lessons. The VC/CV rule was fun to learn and the reading and sounding out letters was very helpful. Thank you ALTA for the opportunity.”

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