ALTA Launches New Logo

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On November 1, 2017 the Adult Literacy Tutors Association launched a brand new logo. The launch of the logo, which was designed by Keya Marketing, is the first of a number of events planned for ALTA’s twenty fifth anniversary. Celebrations begin this month and will run until September 2018. The logo which is meant to reflect youth, vitality, relationship building, transformation and social movement has been well received by ALTA’s membership.

The desire to remain relevant in the minds of the public, led to ALTA taking many steps in the past year to establish and maintain a strong brand presence. All the advice received said that the logo needed to be updated. The black and white logo which many have come to know, served ALTA well in the largely print medium of the first 25 years. However it doesn’t work as well on the screens of phones, tablets and computers. The teal and orange in the new logo are colours which stand out on these devices and reflect the youthfulness and vitality which this logo is meant to represent.

As ALTA turns twenty five, the three main goals are to develop ALTA Online, strategic planning and spreading awareness of ALTA. The third goal will be achieved when ALTA becomes a household name. While the program is known very well locally and even regionally, a lot of work still needs to be done with strengthening brand awareness and ensuring relevance in the minds of the public.

Additionally, the anniversary will be marked by celebrations in all regions. Rather than hosting a national event, the seven regions of ALTA – North East, North West, Mid East, East, South West, South East and Central – will host events for tutors, students and members in their respective regions. There is also a plan to host Tutor Recognition Awards for members who have served with ALTA for a number of years and those who continue to go above and beyond the call of duty.

The anniversary will also see the launch of the highly anticipated Republic Bank sponsored ALTA Online programme. ALTA Online will bring the ALTA programme to anyone with an internet connection. People 9+ will be able to access this online programme to strengthen their literacy skills via their computers, tablets or phones.

ALTA looks forward to another twenty five years of empowering adults through our literacy programmes and remains grateful to all sponsors who continue to support ALTA’s initiatives.