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Many hands make light work. For
28 years ALTA has trained and managed scores of volunteers to ensure a high
standard of delivery of the only national programme of literacy instruction for
adults. The course content and materials design have all been created in-house
by dedicated educators led by ALTA’s CEO and Founder Paula-Lucie-Smith, with
the goal of bringing reading and writing within reach. People are at ALTA’s
core. Through their tangible investment, our dedicated sponsors lend a helping
hand and become part of this core support.

Committed sponsors have always
been integral to ALTA’s work to bring literacy into every home. They share our
passion and support our work to develop, expand, and improve upon our offerings
to the public. Today we highlight them for their generosity and thank them for
placing their trust in us. One such sponsor is long-standing partner, Republic
Bank Limited, through their Power to Make a Difference initiative.

Republic Bank has provided
support to a number of our free community classes, the development of ALTA’s
web-based literacy instruction tool ALTA Online and to ALTA’s Reading Circles.
What a difference we will make as ALTA Online continues to shatter barriers to
literacy by bringing the classroom to the student!

As ALTA’s Youth Lit sponsor,
the Bermudez Biscuit Company ensures that students aged 9 to 15 are able to
acquire the reading skill they need to succeed in school and beyond.
Precipitated by the pandemic, ALTA has developed ALTA-V, which allows for the
teaching of literacy via Zoom. Youth Lit students who are currently in the
formal school system have also benefitted from this shift to ALTA’s virtual
classroom and from ALTA Online.

Youth Lit Coordinator, Judith
Affoo explained she sees “an even greater need for the Youth Lit programme as
many would have been left even further behind unable to cope with the virtual
schoolwork.” The youngsters in this highly subscribed programme are grateful
for Bermudez Biscuit Company’s continued pledge of support.

In 2020, ALTA was given the nod
as The National Gas Company of Trinidad and Tobago’s Above and Beyond Stand
Tall awardee. With this award came the means to execute our I am ALTA student
registration campaign, the pilot of the ALTA Online programme and the
production of the soon to be launched ALTA Spelling Chart.

The Fernandes Foundation has
also been a welcome partner, with recent support of operational costs not
traditionally covered by donors.

Phoenix Park Gas Processors
Limited has championed the cause of literacy and ALTA’s work in the field for a
number of years. ALTA was recently recognized as the beneficiary of PPGPL’s
Gift to the Nation. The award was an investment in our resource capacity as it
facilitated ALTA’s Tutor Training Course in 2020 – giving us the funding to
develop and deliver the first virtual tutor training. PPGPL’s corporate social
responsibility is also extended to sponsorship of students in their fence line
communities in Central Trinidad.

We acknowledge Price
Philanthropies for their quiet support of ALTA’s work through multi-year Deeds
of Covenant, which ensure continuity of our free community classes in East
Trinidad. So too has the Massy Foundation been a significant supporter of our
community classes in and around Port of Spain.

ALTA is also honoured to thank
our many student sponsors and private donors both cash and in-kind, some of
whom choose to remain anonymous. Their contributions go a long way in helping
us in our mission to empower lives through literacy.

Together we lighten the shared
work of helping our fellow citizens.

If you or someone you know is
interested in becoming a tutor, joining a class, or becoming a sponsor, call
624-2582 or email

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