A Godsend

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ALTA Online, Level 1 is here and ready for the young and not-so-young to sign up! Individual subscription packages of ALTA Online for users aged 10 and over are now available for purchase. Contact us at 341-8668 or to get started.

For the school
population, this is just in time for the two-month vacation. Even in non-Covid
times, literacy skills are known to deteriorate during the long break from

ALTA Online presents parents with a new opportunity to get their children ready for the school year, especially for children whose schooling has been inconsistent due to Covid and who have difficulty with reading and spelling.

ALTA Online teaches and practises reading and spelling skills, which are the foundation for all schooling. At a cost of $600 for each online book, ALTA Online Book 1 & 2 (total $1,200) can help teens and pre-teens meet their reading and spelling goals. Our pilot has shown that two online books can be completed comfortably within two months.

The Assessment for Placement in ALTA Online is free. Student assessments begin on 1 July, but registration is already open.

This article features feedback on ALTA Online from Faaida James, a trained ALTA tutor and Senior Special Education Instructor with Student Support Services. Below she shares her sentiments on the learning platform and its application for the students she serves.

Student Support Services Division of the Ministry of Education provides psycho-social support services to students which include specialised services for children with moderate and severe Special Educational needs, behavioural issues, clinical issues and career guidance. A number of ALTA Online’s pilot students were referred via SSSD.

Faaida James

Senior Special Education Instructor,
Student Support Services

As a senior Special Education
Instructor, working with students in the Laventille-Movant school project, I
have encountered over 65% of students needing literacy intervention. These
students were in both in the primary and secondary school system.

Being one individual with a large population of students to service, the ALTA Online programme was ideal, especially for the secondary school students.

The ALTA Online programme gave children the confidence, motivation, and encouragement to keep on trying. What is also great about this programme, is that it is a self-paced one wherein the student can sign on anytime of the day or night that he or she chooses.

What is very valuable is that this programme allows students to do their online classes with their teachers to complete the physical packages sent to them, and in their downtime they can login to ALTA Online – all in the comfort of their home.

In addition to the wonderful work that ALTA is doing with this online programme as it reaches many more students than one individual can reach, I admire their support desk. That is one integral part of ALTA programme, wherein they have a support desk that eliminates all the potential problems students might experience while engaging with the technology. So that is one other aspect of this programme that makes it work so well. Once glitches are identified they are rectified in quick time.

The ALTA Online programme is one of the best programmes out there, and I would recommend it to schools across Trinidad and Tobago for students who are struggling with literacy.

Keep up the good job ALTA. You are a Godsend!

If you or someone you know is interested in joining an ALTA-V class, enhancing their literacy through ALTA Online Level 1 or becoming a sponsor, call 624-2582 or email

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